DC Adventures RPG - The Danger Room Sessions

Flash Fact! Earth-Omega Update 1/14/2013

Currently in the universe of Earth-Omega…

*The titanic body located near the edge of Earth’s solar system has apparently become the object of a war between the New Gods of Apokolips and New Genesis.

*Superman, Flash, Martian Manhunter and Wonder Woman managed to easily defeat a group of villains who had begun working out of the ruins of the old Hall of Doom in Slaughter Swamp. There they discovered a six-sided box or chamber under construction in the Hall lab. The “box” was powered by a fragment of the Kryptonite stolen from the JLA satellite during the raid in the first session. The rest of the Kryptonite was nowhere to be found. The purpose or function of the box or chamber a mystery, the team has had the box teleported to the JLA satellite for study.

*The Green Lanterns Logos, Wraithjack and Bovo have crash landed on Earth. Logos is heavily damaged and covered in a thick coating of some sort of petrified cosmic matter. Wraithjack is in a comatose state in the medbay, as is Bovo on the bridge.

*Logos was found by Steel while investigating a meteorite sighting in the Salt Flats of Utah. He subsequently summoned Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman and Martian Manhunter to help him explore the vessel. There they found the above-mentioned Lanterns.

*Meanwhile, the Guardians of Oa have declared the entire Sol system a crime-scene and quarantined it, having declared the titanic body floating at the edge of the solar system evidence for a “Code 10-1-11” or deicide. A battalion of Green Lantern Officers is en route to the Sol system, escorting a contingent of Oan crime scene investigators.

Officer Jkenku Rango's Log Report Entry 1

So far our sector has managed to capture one intergalactic criminal. this was done in a quirky fashion in one day. The criminals name was Tarz Vardek. He ended the lives of over 1,500,00 civilians. Tomorrow from 3-5 p.m we will engage combat with a yellow lantern and 7 manhunter. The yellow Lantern is not identified and considered very hostile, as are the manhunters.

-Jkenku Rango. Keep it green, Lanterns


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