The Bovo

Most Definitely NOT a Sentinel Lantern of Sector 2817. Bovo is an alien being of unknown origin and power. Self-proclaimed Lantern and Class A Pest.


Somewhat to the Sector Lanterns’ chagrin, Bovo always appears decked out in a Lantern uniform and ring (of his own creation of course).


Bovo constantly seems to be hovering around within the 2817 Sector House during briefings (despite security systems that should prevent any known species from breaching the House’s perimeter). He also frequently appears on assignments, both within the Transluminal Continuum and upon exit from it.

So far his “constructs” have been harmless and evidently only for show. Bovo might be a more serious irritant except that his pyrotechnics in battle have sometimes proven helpful and he has on several occasions taken it upon himself to shepherd civilians out of harm’s reach.

The Guardians are aware of Bovo, and collect all data regarding him from any rings that have attempted to scan him. But, as he often doesn’t even register a presence when scanned by a Lantern ring, they have been unable to discover much about him.

The Bovo

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